Central Jersey Radiologists is pleased to announce the expansion of our facility in Oakhurst, New Jersey. In the early 1980’s, we were the first MRI facility in the Monmouth – Ocean County area as well as one of the first in the entire State of New Jersey. We now are pleased to announce a new first, the only open high field MRI in the Monmouth – Ocean County area.

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This new state-of-the-art GE MRI combines the higher field strengths of traditional MRI’s without the enclosed feeling. Now, for the first time, patients who need an open MRI will not have to sacrifice scanning time or image quality. Low field open MRI’s take considerably longer to perform and the image quality is significantly less than traditional high field MRI’s. This new open field MRI combines the best of both MRI technologies for those people that require an open MRI.  

We now are the only facility with three high field MRI units available. This means rapid and, if necessary, immediate service.

With on-site Board Certified Radiologists, patient images are reviewed and reports submitted within 24 hours. Of course, all emergent studies are interpreted and the results conveyed to your doctor as they are performed.

The new expansion at Central Jersey Radiologists also includes the first full ring PET/CT scanner in the Monmouth – Ocean County area as well as a complete Nuclear Medicine department. PET scanning is an imaging device primarily used for the localization and staging of tumors. It also has great applicability for diagnosing dementias, such as Alzheimer’s disease. It is also used in heart scanning to determine viability of heart muscle.

This latest expansion brings Central Jersey Radiologists to the cutting edge of cross-sectional imaging and on a par with any imaging facility in the country.