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      About Us

      Sanmenxia Bangway Chemical Co., Ltd.from its begin we insist that "management creates innovation, quality creates advance, the vigorous development of factory depends on science and technology, the vigorous development of the industry depends on name brand product". By combining Production, learning and studying and studying and developing a series of high tech product with the high colleges and scientific institutes the benefits can be obtained and the saying that the science and technology is the first production force is tried and expressed.

      It is contributed to the development, production and business of mill run medicament, rubber assist agent, feedstuff additive, and intermediate product of fine chemical products. Its products cover the mill run industry, coal dressing industry and chemical industry of 26 provinces or auto autonomous regions. It has wined the favorable comments of customers and exporters. Some intermediate product of fine chemical products is exported to east Europe and Southeast Asia. It has obtained high reputation in the same industry in china. It has perfect infrastructure, complete test methods and quality management system and it has passed the ISO9001 quality authentification.

      We welcome all the customers and enterprises, which are interested in cooperation or founding stable and forever business relation at home and overseas, to instruct us and we supply them with high quality product, reasonable price and satisfying service.

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